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Be astounded by the breathtaking sights, hues, and aromas of the various exquisite feature gardens at Hunter Valley Gardens, which span over 25 acres. Among these gardens, discover something new as you pass through the thousands of flowers, trees, and shrubs. Enjoy the wide range of eye pleasing colors and refreshing fragrances from Rose Garden's countless roses. Take a seat above the Sunken Garden's 10-meter-high waterfall and enjoy the breathtaking views from the lookout point. You can also travel back in time with all of your favorite fairy tale characters in the Storybook Garden.

There are more than 6,000 trees, one million ground covers, and 600,000 bushes throughout the walking trails eight kilometers. The floral arrangement of plants that you find at the Gardens of Hunter Valley Gardens is very rare and is not seen much in Australia.. These gardens are located at the foothills of the Brokenback Ranges, in the middle of the Hunter wineries. Visitors are able to see each of the 9 separate feature gardens with a range of statuary.

Gardens In Hunter Valley Gardens

In addition to waterfalls, statues, murals, and other features, the various gardens inside the hunter valley garden themselves are worth watching. Be it the wishing fountain of the Formal Gardens or the nostalgic characters at the Storybook Garden, there is something for everyone. Here is a list of the various gardens and their major attractions to visit while on a Hunter Valley Gardens tour.

Rose Garden

The Rose Garden, which is surrounded by four pergolas and has more than 6,000 fragrant and beautiful roses, is a favorite attraction for many visitors to the Gardens. In recognition of its affiliation with the nearby Hunter Valley vineyards, the Rose Garden is designed like a corkscrew and has the best view of the beautiful flowers in the gardens inside the hunter valley gardens.

On the entire Garden property, there are 35,000 rose shrubs and more than 150 different types of roses. The garden's featured rose varieties include Blue Moon, Double Delight, Charles De-Gaulle, Freesia, Fragrance, Marlena, and Freesia.

Storybook Garden

The Storybook Garden is a treat for all ages, transporting visitors on a trip through childhood thoughts, memories, and fantasies thanks to its ageless nursery rhyme figures.

Including more than 15 well-known, enduring characters from stories, a visit to the storybook garden is an amazing journey down the memory lane.

Everywhere you turn, you’ll see gigantic characters from nursery rhymes and breathtaking murals, providing fantastic photo possibilities! In Storybook Garden, you will find the characters from Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter's Tea Party, with Humpty Dumpty, Jack, and Jill thut them. at will take you back to your childhood when you used to read about it.

Indian Garden

Upon entering these 180-year-old antique Indian gates guarded by bronze elephants, you will find a modern garden designed with Purple Ajuga and Variegated Dwarf Agapanthus. You will also find your way through a Lilly Pilly hedge and discover an exquisite mosaic of ground covering plants and pebbles at this amazing garden inside Hunter Valley Garden.

Enjoy the view of this beautiful place along with its topiary elephants from the Indian Tea House. The Indian Tea House is exquisitely designed with traditional Indian ornaments. The garden also contains curry plants that release their spicy fumes into the air making the garden exude scents from India.

Chinese Garden

Through a classic Moon Gate flanked by two bronze Temple Guardians, visitors enter the Chinese Garden after crossing a green Chinese slate bridge. This garden incorporates traditional components like craggy rocks, raked gravels, and slow-growing grass, etc. It also has Conifers, Camellia Sasanqua, Azaleas, Bamboo, and numerous edible fruits like Kumquats, Mulberries, and Persimmons.

Italian Grotto

Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment, is commemorated by a statue in the Italian Grotto, among the gardens in hunter valley garden. The name of this garden is inspired from the Greek word kruptos, which means hidden.

This is because the Italian Grotto is lined with pink Wisteria, red Bougainvillea, cascading Geraniums, Pelargoniums, and other various hidden treats. The garden also consists of edible plants placed in Italian manner that include lemon, orange, olive trees, lavender, and herbs that help convey the scent of Italy.

Sunken Garden

The Sunken Garden has a wide range of evergreen and deciduous trees, shrubs, and flowers that provide stunning vistas all year long. Enjoy strolling along the rose-lined paths and taking in the breathtaking view from the pergola atop the waterfall.

The Sunken Garden is home to a spectacular waterfall that rises ten meters high and sets the garden beds ablaze with the hues of magnificent seasonal displays.

Oriental Garden

The Oriental Garden, which draws significantly from Korean and Japanese gardens, is a haven of peace, harmony, and tranquility.This garden has been expertly maintained and manicured with organic curves to make it blend in with the landscape.

View the carp from the pergola and try to find the turtles enjoying resting in the sun on the rocks. Harmony, equilibrium, and tranquility are all present in the Oriental Garden.

Formal Garden

Inspired by French and English garden design, the Formal Garden is one of the biggest examples of its kind in Australia. This amazing garden inside hunter valley gardens, also consists of a wishing fountain that is a perfect spot for you to make a wish as the money collected by the fountain is proceeded to a charity. . Manchurian Pear Trees, which have stunning white blossoms and spectacular golden foliage in the fall, along the garden's perimeter.

A variety of topiary, meticulously tended lawns, specimen trees of the evergreen Magnolia Grandiflora Little Gem, and 3000 bushes of Chameleon roses are among the features of the formal garden.

Border Garden

The Border Garden is encircled by intertwining hedges of Australian native Hill's Weeping figs and European boxwood used to create intriguing designs. The intricate floral beds within the trimmed box hedging are designed to resemble the classic French Parterre style of the garden.

Apart from being a known spot of romance and elegance, the Border garden also includes various hand-carved Indian marble water features and statues reflecting the Four Seasons. Take a stroll through the garden's paths or use the viewing platform to get a bird's-eye view.

Gardens In Hunter Valley Garden FAQs

Do we have to purchase separate tickets for accessing all Hunter Valley Gardens?

One ticket can get you to all the gardens inside Hunter Valley Gardens, but not on the rides that are present there. You will have to buy separate tickets for all the rides if you wish to enjoy them.

Can we click photographs inside Hunter Valley Gardens?

Yes, absolutely, for that matter,in the nine showcase gardens with international themes at Gardens inside Hunter Valley Gardens, there are many opportunities for photography. They have options to capture the magic of your day, from the formal beauty of the Formal Garden to the romanticism of the Lakes Walk Rotunda and the originality of the Oriental Garden and pagoda.

Is there wheelchair accessibility inside Hunter Valley Gardens?

Unfortunately the Gardens inside Hunter Valley Gardens does not have wheelchairs for hire right at the moment. But the 8km long garden paths of loose granite can be navigated by wheelchairs if you carry one with yourself.

Is there a parking facility at Hunter Valley Gardens?

Yes! There are Parking facilities for free accessible to all visitors. Disabled Parking is also available in limited numbers which can be assigned upon showing documents.

What is the best time to explore Hunter Valley Gardens?

The Hunter Valley region celebrates autumn from March to May. With suitable temperatures and little rain, it is unquestionably the finest time to explore the Valley. The countryside is painted in the beautiful shades of orange, yellow, green, and brown because of the post harvest making the whole view every photographer's dream.

Are there any rides available in Hunter Valley Gardens?

Yes, there are many rides in the Hunter Valley Gardens for kids as well as adults.


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